Greenbrier River Trail

Huge thanks to our sponsors and participants of the 32nd Great Greenbrier River Race  on April 28, 2018.

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$42,400 Grant Approval Presented to GRTA

October 26, 2018

We are excited to announce that on October 24, 2018, the Governor of West Virginia presented the Greenbrier River Trail Association with a $42,400 Grant Approval to help replace and relocate to someplace safer, the restroom and facilities that were lost at mm 13 during the 2016 flood.

This is a great step on our way to recovery for the Greenbrier River Trail.



GRT Named One of the 25 Best Fall Hiking Trails in the US

October 18, 2018

Our Greenbrier River Trail was named one of the best hiking trails in the nation by Conde Nast Traveler!

“Is there a better time for a hike than fall? We’d happily debate this one, as certain as we are that the answer is a hard no. The temps are perfect; the leaves are changing; and as the foliage starts to fall, you get clear views on crisp days of scenic America—its majestic lakes and purple mountains—off in the distance. We hike to burn some calories, sure, but mostly to pause, and look, and breathe deeply. As we move into cooler weather, here are 25 of the best fall hikes across the U.S. to take in autumn’s colors before winter hides them in white.

In this West Virginia State Park, a lazy river will flow beside you most of the way, while you cross wood bridges and trestles, and travel through tunnels that still smell like coal locomotives. Stop in impossibly cute Mayberry-like towns with small train stations of yesteryear (visit Clover Lick depot).”

Inaugural Greenbrier River Trail Marathon Huge Success

October 10, 2018

The Greenbrier River Trail Association is a proud sponsor of the Greenbrier River Trail Marathon (GRTM).  A first of its kind in the State of West Virginia, the marathon is a point-to-point full marathon at 26.2 miles through the relatively flat/slightly downhill (1% grade) course on the scenic Greenbrier River Trail in Pocahontas County, WV.

The marathon began early Saturday morning on October 7, 2018 in Cass Scenic Railroad State Park and ran south on the trail, finishing at Stillwell Park, in Marlinton, WV.  

Over 150 runners, some traveling from as far away as New York converged on Cass to run this marathon.  Organized by Pocahontas County native Kellyn Cassell, the marathon was created as a way for runners to enjoy the beauty of the river trail, as well as a way to raise funds to maintain the trail.

The overall winner and first to cross the finish line was Derek Clark, of Morgantown, with a time of 2:59:25.3. In second place was Andrew Parkins, of Salem, Virginia, with a time of 3:04:27.8 and coming in third was Aaron Walker, of Spring Dale, with a time of 3:08:44.1.

Overall winners in the female category were: first place, Shannon Shrewsberry, of Morgantown, with a time of 3:39:14.2; second place, Jaya Baker, Lewisburg, with a time of 3:51:20.8; and third place, Amanda Rhodes, of Churchville, Virginia, with a time of 4:04:10.7.

All proceeds from the GRTM will go to maintaining and improving the Greenbrier River Trail – through the Greenbrier River Trail Association (501(C) 3) – non-profit organization).

Next years’ event is slated for October 6, 2019.  For more information or to register please visit GRTM.



New Shelter Open at MM 28.5 Camping Area

October 1, 2018


A brand new shelter was built in August at the existing mm 28.5 camping area. This new shelter was built with labor from volunteers David Poage, Nancy Harris, and Jeff Myers and headed up by Dale McCutcheon who designed the shelter. Donated money from Tom Marshall, Grove City, OH paid for the materials. Marshall was the first person to stay at the mm 9.5 shelter right after McCutcheon built that shelter.
Donations to the Greenbrier River Trail Association are put to good use improving the River Trail.

The Greenbrier River Trail is OPEN


UPDATE 7.01.18 ~ The trail is open!

The damaged areas on the lower Greenbrier River Trail have been repaired and the trail is OPEN. Trail crews will continue to improve the trail surface in the coming weeks.

A big thank you goes out to the Greenbrier River Trail Association, Lewisburg Rotary Club, the city of Lewisburg, and many other volunteers.


UPDATE:  5.22.18

Flash flooding on May 22nd has caused major damages to the southern portion of the Greenbrier River Trail. The damage is isolated to a seven mile stretch of trail. The trail will be officially closed from mp 7.5 to mp 14 until further notice. Distance riders may start or end at Anthony and travel north to Cass without any issues.

The trail is still open from Caldwell to mp 7.5 for local “up and back use”

The lower portion of the trail have allowed the trail to reopen from North Caldwell to Cass (See above partial closure). Portions of the damaged lower section still need some TLC, but reports are that it is definitely bikeable! Everyone should be aware that there may be some hazards
But we are so happy the trail is “whole” again!

The Great Greenbrier River Race gets an awesome article in Recreation News!

For full issue please visit:  Recreation News

Duck reflections. Photo Louanne Fatora


The trail is Open!
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped!

We will be working on the new parking lot and helping to gravel the reconstructed trail.








On the trail. Photo Lynn Creamer

Find lodging, food & services at the following:

WV State Parks

Pocahontas County CVB

Greenbrier County CVB





For information about the race email

For more information about the Greenbrier River Race please email

The Great Greenbrier River Race

2017 was the 31st annual Great Greenbrier River Race. The race is held the last Saturday in April each year in Marlinton, WV. With great prizes, live music and good food,the event attracts a loyal following of racers and fans.

Originally a team event with four members, canoeists, bicyclist and runner, the race has now attracted many people who do it solo. But there is still room for the whole family or the family dog on a team! Kayaks and canoes are both encouraged and the many categories encourage prizes for many racers.



Donate now to restore the trail.
Thank you for your help!

The Greenbrier River Trail

Eighty miles may seem like a long way, but the miles just fly by when you are immersed in nature as only the Greenbrier River Trail can bring it to you. We are glad you stopped by to get more information about the trail, or to get race results from our big fundraiser. We have been called West Virginia’s premier rail to trail conversion and we hope you will visit the trail soon and see why.

 Greenbrier River Trail restored (With Video)


When life hands you lemons, the old saw goes, just make lemonade.

But what do you do when life hands you a mammoth mudslide? If you work for the West Virginia State Parks system, apparently you climb it like you would any other hill in the Mountain State and carve a trail for others to follow.

Faced last summer with what Greenbrier River Trail superintendent Jody Spencer termed “the mother of all landslides,” State Parks officials and the trail’s many supporters set out to find a way to restore one of the Greenbrier Valley’s major outdoor adventure attractions.

While early plans called for hauling away the thousands of tons of debris blocking the trail near milepost 13, the true solution turned out to be as simple as it was ingenious. Rather than spending months carting the debris away, contractors who were working on the problem asked, why not just stabilize the 400-by-150-foot mudslide, contour its edges and run the trail up over it?

The plan worked like a charm, and last month the southernmost portion of the rail-trail reopened for the first time since the June 2016 flood sent trees, rocks, mud and more down the mountain and onto the path. (See link for video above to continue)


River otters in Pocahontas County. Photo Louanne Fatora