2000 Race Results

The winners hit the water first, but several kayaks arrived in Buckeye ahead of them for the switch to bikes.

The Greenbrier River was plenty high for the boat leg of the race. The water was clear and judging from the exclamations of the dunked rather cool.  Winning time was 1 hour 22 minutes 52 seconds.

Running to canoes and kayaks for the first leg  of the race at the bridge at Marlinton.

The first two boats to arrive at Buckeye were kayaks. As the boats came in volunteers helped them by dragging the canoes and kayaks from the river onto the bank so that racers could run to the trail to hand off their entry tag to the biker of the team.

Photos from the 2000 Greenbrier River Race

Action from the 2000 Greenbrier River race

The best time for the canoe/kayak leg was 36 minutes 5 seconds by Horizon Line River Club who ended up finishing 25th.
The bikers had to ride to Seebert and back to Buckeye and then hand the entry tag to the runner.
Father Son and Holey Boat (the winners) had the best time in the biking leg with a time of 25 minutes 34 seconds.

Back in Marlinton at Stillwell Park, the runner for team #143 crosses the finish line.

The best time for the running leg was turned in by Bill Carney, 15 minutes 58 seconds. Bill finished 4th over all, but he did all 3 legs himself, an impressive feat.
Thanks for making our 15th annual Great Greenbrier River Race the biggest event to date. We had a lot of fun putting on the race and hope you enjoyed yourselves. Please feel free to send us your comments on anything about the event, as we are concerned that everyone have a fun time and want to return.

There were 54 teams in all. The race was in its 15th year and was brought back to Pocahontas County this year. The start was a shotgun canoe start in Marlinton with a canoe leg of 4 miles to Buckeye. The Bikers started at Buckeye and rode to Seebert, then back to Buckeye for a total of 8 miles. The runners started at Buckeye and ran to the finish line at Stillwell Park for three miles.
1st place team- Father, Son & Holey Boat 1 hour 22 minutes and 52 seconds
2nd place team- Team D&E 1 hour 23 minutes and 52 seconds
3rd place team- Lexington Strong Men 1 hour 25 minutes and 10 seconds

Our sponsors, Snowshoe, Pocahontas County CVB, The General Lewis, Jim McCoig, E&G Wagons and Trails, and Seneca Trail Physical Therapy, are to be commended for their contributions, as are our volunteers, EJ Marcum, Reta Griffith, Robin and John Muttscheller, Dick and Judie Lewis, Tracy and Lisa Asbury, Joe Stevens, Tony O’Leary, Mike Condon, Chuck Workman, Mike and Leslie Cain, Gail Lowry, Leslee McCarty and Nancy Smithson

Many folks look forward to this race each year. Coming in the spring it heralds the return of vehicles adorned with bikes, canoes and kayaks. Just for a day the pace on a certain section of the Greenbrier River Trail gets a little frantic as teams compete in one of the funnest races in the area.

Lewisburg prize donors include:
Stone House Store-Salsa.
The bakery-that great looking cheesecake.
Old Hardware Gallery-framed picture of a fish.
Fitness Forum-one month free membership.
Quilts unlimited-hand quilted glasses case.
Aggies-collectible Boyd rabbit.
Old Stone manse-gift certificate-free night for up to two people.
Food & friends-(2) free lunches for two people.
Peddlars Alley Antiques-coupons for discount.
Outdoor Adventures in White Sulphur Springs also provided some prizes.

Prize donors from Pocahontas County this year included:
E&G Wagon Trains, Trails and Cabins
The Cardinal Dining Room-Watoga
Jerico B&B
Pocahontas County CVB also donated a shirt for a prize
Jack Horner’s Corner in Seebert
Elk River Touring Center,
Van Reenan House B&B,
The Current B&B,
The Ski Barn,
Old Clark Inn
Cass Scenic RR and Durbin and Greenbrier Valley RR all donated tickets for prizes.

The Pocahontas 4H cooked lunch, the Marlinton Town Council served lemonade, and Appalachian Sport furnished the race badges. Food, drinks and supplies were donated by City National Bank, First Citizens Bank, The River Place, Fast Break, Foodland, and Dairy Queen. Local and regional businesses gave prizes from overnight trips to outdoor clothing. The West Virginia Division of Tourism sponsored the finish line.

The Great Greenbrier River Race will be held this year on April 28, 2001 in Marlinton. Plans are to keep the race course the same for 2001, with improvements like more parking and shuttles.

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