Trail Reconstruction Updates

**** The Greenbrier River Trail is OPEN ****
UPDATE: July 18, 2017

Although it is not official, reports are that the repairs to the lower portion of the trail have allowed the trail to reopen from North Caldwell to Cass. Portions of the damaged lower section still need some TLC, but reports are that it is definitely bikeable! Everyone should be aware that there may be some hazards
But we are so happy the trail is “whole” again!


UPDATE: October 11, 2016
Our next Board meeting will be October 16 at 3 pm at Hillsboro Library. Everyone is welcome.

Recent newspaper accounts have quoted people who should know better as saying it would be ten years and cost $30 million dollars to repair the trail.  Wrong!  We should have realistic cost estimates very soon, and state officials have a more optimistic idea that Spring 2017 may see significant progress.  We vow to keep you updated.

The Greenbrier River Trail Association has a dedicated account for donations to be used for repairs to the trail.  To date, we have raised over $8,000! All funds in this account will go towards reconstruction of the trail. Our thanks to those who have contributed. 

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UPDATE: July 13, 2016Trail flood7
“It has been a busy week along the GRT and frankly I had hoped to give you an update before now. First, the Greenbrier River Trail will absolutely be repaired and soon this dismal chapter will be behind us. We appreciate the many offers of assistance and we hope to have some type of volunteer project in the near future. If any repair is made to the GRT without the State Historic Preservation Office approval or not to FEMA standards state parks will not be reimbursed any funding. So it is important that we proceed appropriately. The city of Lewisburg has agreed to evaluate the first wash out above the Caldwell parking lot on the trail and will make the repair if it is within their abilities. The GRT crew will cover the exposed pipe just above mm 4 and move north to the large washout around mm 4.4 to see if any temporary fix can be made there.”
Jody Spencer, Superintendent
Greenbrier River Trail

UPDATE: July 4, 2016
GRT staff made temporary repairs to the washout near mm17 today. The trail is now open from Anthony to Cass. Many areas still have rocks and flood debris on the treadway so please use caution while biking and be patient as crews continue to improve the trail surface. We are currently working on a plan to repair the major damages between Caldwell and Anthony and will do everything possible to make those repairs sooner than later.
Thanks for your offers of help and concerns for the GRT.
Jody Spencer, Superintendent

Greenbrier River Trail

UPDATE: June 28, 2016
The GRT crew has not yet assessed the entire trail for damages. The southern section, below Renick, sustained tremendous water damage from tributaries and mud slides which makes it very difficult to access much of the lower trail. The upper portion of trail from Cass to Renick is cleared of debris and is generally safe for riding. This does not mean it is in prestorm condition so be cautious and carry tire repair kits. It will likely be months before things are back to normal on the Greenbrier River Trail.

Please share and pass the word.
Jody Spencer,
Greenbrier River Trail

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